If nothing changes, nothing changes

This is not to seem insensitive or to state the obvious, simply to hold up a mirror to have the person recognise they are in a holding pattern. In times where there is no easy option, ultimately there are two options; to maintain the holding pattern and slowly watch the situation denigrate… for nothing truly remains the same, or to make one change and be in the position to observe the consequential effect. Good or bad, it is vital intel that allows for the next possible step to emerge. The problem is, this takes a willingness to move in the first place. … Continue readingIf nothing changes, nothing changes

Corona Chaos or Masterful Creation?

The truth is Masterpieces are born from chaos where old rules cannot apply. What this gives rise to is ingenuity, a new recipe, and a willingness to do away with what wasn’t working. This particular time in history will be a pivotal point in our history books. And while the outcomes of the chaos are yet to be determined, we all have a chance, a window of opportunity, to start asking ourselves the big questions that matter. … Continue readingCorona Chaos or Masterful Creation?

The Paradoxical Dance of Life

As a human behaviourist, with many years in the psychology discipline, what has become bleedingly obvious but seldom addressed in polite social circles, is that humans have core needs that need to be satiated in order to realise their full potential, or to self-actualise as Carl Rogers would say. The difficulty is, is that often what allows for the ascension to full psychological height is counterintuitive and requires coming into contact with what we are evolutionarily geared to avoid. … Continue readingThe Paradoxical Dance of Life