Corona Chaos or Masterful Creation?

By Asha Honeysett

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“There is no real excellence in all this world that can be separated from right living.” -David Starr Jordan.

David Starr Jordan eloquently described a key component of success… that excellence is the by-product of the minute by minute culmination that is our experience of life. The difficulty with this quote however, is that who and what determines “right living?”

 Right for whom and to what end??

The world is at a critical point of change, we are experiencing the original chaos while old norms; ideas of work, liberties, community, and what is prioritised throughout the day fall into disarray. The reason why this has been so confronting for the majority is that humans are a product of their conditioning. Wake up at this time, do this morning routing, travel to work via this route, say hello to these people, smile cordially to these people, sit here for lunch, answer these emails, exercise, take this route home, eat, distract myself from this habitual existence via TV, youtube, social media, sleep and repeat. People’s routines and sense of structure have been thrown out the window, and so it is of little surprise that pandemonium quickly followed the pandemic, arguably posing more damage than the pandemic itself. However, it is exactly this pandemonium that gives rise to old structures crumbling, resetting where value is placed, and providing opportunity for positive change… the next stage of evolution born out of creativity, novelty, desperation, and the human spirit.

One of the biggest fallacies that this pandemic will showcase, is that step-wise progression creates the best outcomes… wrong! Humans are drawn to the illusion that step-wise progression is best because it is just novel enough to capture attention (core need for survival), and it is safe enough (also core need for survival) to minimise stress that comes with change.

The truth is Masterpieces are born from chaos where old rules cannot apply. What this gives rise to is ingenuity, a new recipe, and a willingness to do away with what wasn’t working. This particular time in history will be a pivotal point in our history books. And while the outcomes of the chaos are yet to be determined, we all have a chance, a window of opportunity, to start asking ourselves the big questions that matter. What do I want society to look like? While this is a great question, bringing it back to where we can enact change now, is an even better one. What do I want my life to look like on the other side of this?

People seldom get past the superficial with this question… I want a bikini body, or bulging biceps, lots of money, and lots of agency to do what I want. While these are a great start… the deeper work is who do I want to be? What knowledge will transform my life? What do I need to let go of in order to transcend my old patterning, what do I need to stop focusing on, and start focusing on to have the mind, body, spirit connections, that ultimately manifest the life I desire from deep within.

Corona currently has the world at attention, but the key to successfully elevate from this stand-still is the bravery to look within. The coming months are the ideal time to assess what was, what is, and what will be if society fails to do the deep work needed to successfully reset the system.

In response to the world crisis, a simple framework was needed that put the power back in the individual’s hands as to what they are going to stand for once autonomy is back in full swing. We all have a vote… we vote with our time, money, and attention… so it’s time to spend it consciously.

The Diamond Mind to Manifestation 12-week course is the integration of psychology, quantum healing and universal laws that teaches you how to deepen your awareness, set intentions in line with your higher self, drop the anchors maintaining the status quo at an individual, relationship, and humanitarian level, and train attention to start focusing on manifesting the life you want.

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" The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. "
Mark Twain