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As a child, I knew my experience of being on Earth was different to other children. They were relatively small things, however, around the age of 6 when visiting my grandparents in rural NSW, Australia, I remember looking out of the car window at the rolling hills and mountains and thinking…

"I'm as old as you."

This world has always felt burdensome to me, and I’ve felt at odds with the depravity of mankind much preferring all other species to my own. Despite this, for as long as I can remember, I’ve felt compelled to help people.

"There is a place for everything;
it is simply our job to find how it fits.”

Light Tower provides an integrated and cutting edge model of the human experience of the universe. It bridges the divide between science and spirituality with custom models and techniques to bring you into contact with the real you, and the tools to live Your soul purpose.

Let me share my story.

"It's a daunting thing to put your heart on a page, but it's a tragedy not to."

- Asha Honeysett


High Performance & Fulfilment Strategist
Founder of Light Tower

After the tragic accident that left my father with with less than a third of his prior functioning due to sustaining severe trauma to the brain, it sent my life on a trajectory.

I have spent the last 14 years immersed in understanding what defines someone’s quality of life, irrespective of their circumstance. From psychology, to neuroscience, to spiritual teachings, to quantum physics, the answer became bleedingly obvious. It is the quality of someone’s internal home. The quality of their thoughts, their questions, their interpretations of events, and a willingness to stretch into the unknown. To make meaning of what at first seems completely meaningless.

After graduating with first class honours and a masters in clinical psychology, and the privilege of working with thousands of people over the last decade, 2020 was the catalyst for me to step out from behind the closed doors of private practice and into the public eye where I could begin serving the many. With the pandemonium that quickly followed the pandemic, more than ever was there a need to share the collection of gems the last 14 years had unearthed along my travels. This gave birth to Light Tower: the Purpose Within.

Light Tower is personal development company that boasts custom models of transcendence based on interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB). IPNB is based on the principle of consilience – the belief that the key to the advancement of knowledge lies in our ability to identify common patterns that are emerging from different disciplines (E. O. Wilson, 1998).

Light Tower’s custom models are the integration of quantum physics, neurobiology, psychology, sociology, anthropology as well as traditional philosophical and contemplative practices that promote wellbeing. These models aim to bridge the divide between science and spirituality and move towards providing humanity with a consistent view of what it is to be human, having a human experience, and how to get the most out of that experience based on this consilient approach.

Light Tower teaches over-achievers and over-givers who are prone to burn-out and the feeling of empty success, the art and science of sustained high performance and fulfilment. Asha is the creator of the ‘Diamond Mindset’ and the ‘Diamond Mind to Manifestation Model’. A system that trains three core processes of the mind how to transcend suffering and rise to the occasion that is your life.

"Your soul uses your body to speak to your mind. It is the conduit of eternal knowledge so that it may be known to you at a conscious level."

- Asha Honeysett

Light Tower is a safe harbour for all, where unity means more than any degree of separation. We are one people, one planet, one universe. We were born of the same star dust. It’s time to remember that.

Sharing an integrated and cutting edge model of the human experience of the universe, Light Tower bridges the divide between science and spirituality, using custom models and techniques, to bring you into contact with the real you, and the tools to live Your soul purpose.

Where there is light, darkness vanishes.

- Asha Honeysett

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