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Light Tower teaches companies, executive team leaders, and professionals alike the art and science of sustained high performance and fulfilment. Our custom models are specifically designed for success driven individuals prone to burn-out, who are now asking themselves “surely there is more to life than this constant grind.”

We Understand Overachievers Are Among The First To Burn-Out.

Light Tower coaches through the necessary process of unhooking from the anchors keeping them from breaking through the glass-ceiling of traditional success models, and coach them on how to radically transform their goal acquisition method.

Sustained High Performance and Fulfilment Coaching Programs

We provide a range of customised programs to meet the needs of your team, leaders and organisation. A selection of programs, including our flagship Forging the Diamond Mindset™ program, are described below.  Connect with us to learn more about our online courses, consulting, guest speaking, workshops and training.

Foring The Diamond Mindset ™​

2020 has seen unprecedented demand on organisations, businesses, and professionals alike. More than ever is there a need to innovate and redefine the nature of service and operations to meet today’s radically transformational pressures that have globally disrupted the status quo.

Light Tower boasts a new transformational oeprating system termed the Diamond Mind to Manifestion Model™ that leads to exponential change and shareholder value in this time of uncertainty and decentralisation of work teams.

The DMM Model transforms organisations from the inside out by training three core processes of the mind to inform purposeful and passion-fueled action.

These three mind-to-manifestation pillars are essential in sustaining high performance and fulfillment, as well as accelerating goal attainment.

The DMM model is an integrated model of psychology, quantum physics, spiritual teachings, and universal principles that scaffolds a series of realisations for self-actualisation.

The focus of individual and team growth boosts productivity, active engagement, problem-solving, team alliance and interdependence, the key to thriving in today’s modern world.  

The Forging the Diamond Mindset™ program is available to individuals as an 8-week online program, which includes ‘daily doses’ of transformational content, weekly group masterclass and a private facebook community. 

The program is also available for organisations, comprising of 24-hours of group content (delivered across 4 full days (6 hours/day) or via 2-hour blocks per fortnight), teamed with optional individual mini-mindset coaching sessions on the alternate week to ensure accountability, understanding, and a personalised method for rising to the occasion. 

This program is by application only.

Book a CLARITY CALL to understand if this program is for you.


Rebuilding from the Inside Out after COVID-19 was developed in response to the enormous strain placed on local businesses during the pandemic.

The acute and chronic stress response as a consequence of the severity and duration of change saw many teams struggle to adjust at the rapid rate required.

This program provides the foundations to support sustained change in individual and team psyche and resiliency in response to COVID-19 and arms leaders and employees with skills to overcome any challenge.

Change is delivered by:

  1. building psychological insight into the personal and professional response to COVID-19 related stress
  2. building psychological flexibility in response to the adaptability required in meeting client needs also effected by covid-19, and in work deliverables more generally
  3. developing self-care practices to help maintain mental health and prevent burn-out
  4. teaching strategies for rapport building, maintaining professional relationships, and in-scope supportive practice with clients that protects wellbeing.

This program consists of a ONE-day workshop (approximately 7 hours), and three, 2-hour fortnightly strategy implementation sessions for staff to apply concepts and skills to their own work.


Mindfulness has made its way into society’s common vernacular, but seldom does it go beyond a superficial connotation to be aware of what one is doing.

While this is a core tenet of mindful living how does one know if they are actually living mindfully or just parroting in an in-vogue idea?

To add to the confusion, mindfulness is often only taught as a set of rudimentary skills of coming into contact with the present moment via one’s senses. Unfortunately many classes completely miss the underlying principles that actually make the difference in ongoing stress management and our experience of not only the workplace but our life in general.

Filled with experiential exercises and reflective practices this program works to fundamentally shift your perception of yourself, other people, your work, and the world around you to the mindful living way. 

This three day (6 hours/day) immersive program will take you from mindfulness beginner to mindfulness master, drawing on Asha’s training in mindfulness-based principles and a decade of teaching mindfulness in therapy and for organisations, 

Please note: a 3-hour intensive workshop is also available.


Getting Comfortable with Feeling uncomfortable is designed to leverage staff member’s innate strengths, and build the skills necessary to sit comfortably when the situation at hand has everyone suitably uncomfortable.

Change, confrontation, and conflict avoidance are the big killers of staff retention and continual development.

This workshop assists leaders and employees to artfully navigate difficult conversations for superior outcomes and focuses on raising the bar for the entire organisation in constructive conversations.

It utilises light tower’s emotion regulation toolbox to maintain composure in the most challenging conversations and our four pillars of successful communication strategy and our coversation funnel to pace and lead conversations to a natural and productive close.

This workshop boosts leaders’ and employees’ self-efficacy and their ability to attain outcomes with less stress and greater ease.

Delivered via a one-day face-to-face workshop (7 hours).

Discover your purpose.

" The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. "
Mark Twain

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