Welcome to LightTower

“Come on in! I’ll put the kettle on.”

No doubt it’s been a long journey here. I imagine that you have traversed the darkness, before finally listening to that inner voice that is knocking on the edges of your consciousness; whispering (or screaming, depending on how quickly you opened the door):

“there is more to life.”

I’m so pleased to make your acquaintance. I left the light on hoping you would find your way here.

I don’t presume to know your story, or the depth of your sorrow, or the ache in your soul that brought you, but I do know this. If you are here, you are more interested in the light than the darkness. You are hungry for the answers to life that were never bothered to be taught, but somehow you know exist.

There is more to life

"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion."
- Rumi

I believe...

…there is a fundamental problem with how our 21st Century brains were sculpted.

We were taught to know the right answers, not to know the right questions. 

We were taught if we want to know something, ask someone else or go searching – delve into books, the Internet, enroll in more formal education or seek out experts. 

So, for much of my life I have been exploring the world through this light. 

While this is helpful for practical advice, concrete answers or getting those unwanted jobs done, it falls short when life happens. 

When your beliefs systems are shaken to their core and you find yourself asking:

“Surely there is more to life? More than this pain and suffering that seems inevitable. More than this daily grind where I countdown the days until I have time off.”

If this resonates with you, then you are in the right place and we have much to talk about.

The truth is, when you know the right questions, the right answers emerge. 

They have always resided the only place the education system never taught us to look – within.

Welcome to Light Tower:
The Purpose Within.

Here you will find the right questions born from the best of what science and spirituality have to offer, along with the skill set to listen to and execute the commands of the inner voice – the cry, and the whispers that nudge you along your soul’s journey to manifest the life you desire.

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