If nothing changes, nothing changes

By Asha Honeysett

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I often hear myself say to those struggling with change,

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

This is not to seem insensitive or to state the obvious, simply to hold up a mirror to have the person recognise they are in a holding pattern. In times where there is no easy option, ultimately there are two options; to maintain the holding pattern and slowly watch the situation denigrate… for nothing truly remains the same, or to make one change and be in the position to observe the consequential effect. Good or bad, it is vital intel that allows for the next possible step to emerge. The problem is, this takes a willingness to move in the first place.

Have you ever been very unwell in bed, under the covers and freezing because your temperature is sky high? You know that the best move is to get some Panadol to bring your temperature down but that requires moving out from under the covers and you’re sure that the coldness you’ll feel from removing the blankets is more than you can bare… even though you know you really need that Panadol?! Making change in our life is much the same. When we reach that level of sufferance, there is part of us that wonders if we can bare the change it takes to put ourselves in a better position.

The experience of being human is not easy… wired in one way; to avoid pain and to move towards reward; socially position to be accepted yet stand out for excellence; to be polite and courteous and stand for what is right at the same time; and to love and live fully and yet spend our time dedicated to places and people that make us wonder if time is standing still.

I’m going to level with you. Nothing comes without a cost. The question simply is, am I willing to pay that cost? Am I willing to move compassionately and purposely towards pain, to pursue ultimate reward that the majority are not prepared to strive for? Am I willing to achieve excellence via my own standards whether it’s deemed accepted at large or not; in knowing everyone that ever revolutionised mans’ understanding of the world was scorned for “outrageous” postulations? Am I willing to risk offending the offensive to defend the defenceless? All of these virtues will ultimately determine who you choose to be. For every sacrifice we make, we carve off a piece of conditioning that keeps us maintaining the status quo, the part of us that is not willing to create change.

In my books, rules were meant to be broken,renegades were meant to make a point, and the status quo was meant to be disrupted… even our genes know that. I intend to evolve into the highest version of myself while I have been gifted the privilege of the human experience.

If you’re interested in making the changes necessary, to push beyond your own barriers of what you thought was possible at this point in time… check out my page… ”Luminaries Lounge”. Where great minds,thought leaders, and change makers dare to share their greatness, their wisdom,and their pursuits. Because if human observation of the human spirit has taught us anything, sometimes the belief that someone can and has, is all we need to make the change for our self. 

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